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    Arrival / Check-In for Surgery

    Patients scheduled for surgery should refer to their surgeon’s instructions regarding their arrival time and pre-operative medications as prescribed by their physician.

    You should be aware of the following:


    Arrive in clean, comfortable clothing that can be removed easily if needed. A light jacket or sweater may be worn due to the cool building environment.


    Parking is available in the adjacent Surgery Center Parking area and on the public street. A covered area is conveniently provided at the entrance for patient drop off.


    Bring any medications or supplements that you are currently taking or a complete list of medications with the name of each, strength, and dosage. Many pharmacies provide these lists free of charge. You will also need to be prepared to be interviewed regarding a brief medical history. See Anesthesia Requirements

    Designated Driver:

    Please bring a designated driver who is willing to remain for the duration of your stay. Due to our small waiting area, this driver or one family member may accompany you for your day of surgery.

    Identification (ID):

    Please bring a photo ID with you.


    Please provide any current health insurance information and/or a health insurance card.


    Payment of any fees or out-of-pocket expenses will be expected prior to surgery. This includes any unmet deductibles of which you’ve been contracted to pay.

    Nothing Taken By Mouth (NPO):

    It is imperative that you DO NOT drink or eat anything after midnight before the scheduled surgery or otherwise surgery may be canceled. There may be special considerations for some patients.

    Translators (must be 18 years or older) :

    Translators should accompany patients who cannot speak or understand English.

    Children (under 18 years of age):

    A parent or an adult with legal guardianship must accompany ALL children. Parents and/or guardians are responsible for visiting children at all times.


    Cancellations should be communicated to the patient’s Surgeon’s office as soon as possible.


    All appropriate paperwork must be completed and available on charts prior to admission to surgery including consents, any lab or diagnostic tests. (see *Anesthesia requirements)

    Disabled Patients:

    We are equipped to handle most patients with disabilities.

    For patients with power of attorney, a family member or designated adult with appropriate documentation must be present.

    Waiting periods fluctuate between 1-4 hours pending surgeon and schedule.

    Viewing of surgeries is available per surgeon’s discretion on some surgeries with the patient’s permission. Viewers must be a minimum of 13 years of age.

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