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    Discharge/Post-Operative (POST-OP) Area

    The post-op nursing personnel will receive you and offer you a quick refreshment, check your vital signs and comfort level. They will also make sure that you and your family have written and verbal instructions prior to your departure. This usually takes about 10-30 minutes.


    You may still experience some mild discomfort or irritation upon discharge. If you are experiencing moderate discomfort, or feel unstable prior to discharge, we will notify your surgeon or anesthesia provider, and continue to assess and treat you as needed. You will be assisted to your car only after we feel you are stable or approach your pre-surgical status. Our goal is to promote comfort and allow you to rest and convalesce in the ease of your own home.

    Post-Op Diet:

    You can usually return to your regular diet after you are tolerating fluids well.
    Anesthesia Guidelines

    Post-Op Visits:

    Your surgeon’s office will make sure that you have any post-op medications prescribed and written instructions for home care and your return visit. Post-Op visits are usually scheduled for your return to your surgeon’s office for a brief reassessment and follow-up visit usually the next day. You will need to call your surgeon’s office for any questions regarding your home care or future appointments after discharge.


    If you have any emergency eye care needs, notify your surgeon’s office or go directly to the closest emergency room or dial 911.



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