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    Pre-Operative Patient Care Area

    Nothing Taken By Mouth (NPO) Required:

    It is imperative that you DO NOT drink or eat anything after midnight before the scheduled surgery or otherwise surgery may be canceled. There may be special considerations for some patients.

    Children Having Surgery:

    Parents are usually welcomed to stay with children until the child is taken to surgery. We try to keep you informed of your child’s status thereafter until you can see them again in post-operative when they are stable.

    Medical History:

    Patients can expect a brief interview regarding medical history and a brief physical exam on arrival to pre-op. Vital signs and heart monitors are assessed so expect to be ‘monitored’. Please be prepared to know your history of previous allergies to medication in order to avoid any unnecessary complications.


    Patients can expect to receive a variety of eye drops like dilating drops. Some patients require an IV to be inserted so that sedatives and other medications may be administered intravenously. Our goal is to keep you relaxed and your eye prepped for the best outcome possible for your surgery.


    We usually don’t require you to undress completely, but wearing short sleeved, comfortable clothing and shoes will help you to relax and allow us to access you easily for close monitoring. We will place a gown over your clothing and a bonnet over your hair to keep any potential microorganisms from possibly entering our sterile operating rooms. Your shoes may be worn, but must be covered completely. It is usually wise to empty your bladder before entering this area or being transported to surgery.


    Patients with diabetes should expect to have a finger prick for an accurate blood sugar test before and after surgery. Bring any diabetic medications that you currently take with you and refrain from taking them the morning of your surgery until we can assess you. This includes afternoon patients. For pre-operative instructions and other related questions you may have regarding Diabetic patients, please see Anesthesia

    Waiting time:

    Waiting periods in the pre-op area varies from surgeon to surgeon; usually 15 minutes to an hour. However we ask that you please be patient with our schedule and know that we will offer our best professional services to you as we are expected to do for everyone who enters our facility.

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