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    Patients Scheduled for Surgery

    Surgery/Operating Room

    Our surgery suites are strictly-monitored sterile environments with state of the art equipment and supplies that meet requirements for current state certification rules and regulations. Your safety and a positive surgical outcome are our utmost priorities. Factors you may want to be aware of are of prior to entering the surgical suite are:


    Expect for your surgery to last a minimum of 15 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the type of surgery you are having. If your family becomes anxious, they are encouraged to ask questions and we will try to alleviate their concerns with up-to-date surgical status information.

    Positioning and Comfort:

    Expect to lie flat and still for the entire surgery time in the Operating Room. If you have difficulty with this request, consult the anesthesia provider prior to your entrance to the operating room to allow for an appropriate intervention. You may be allowed to speak if you are experiencing discomfort during the surgery and our Circulation RN or Anesthesia provider will try to make you more comfortable. We will offer sedation or numbing medication as needed or prescribed.

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